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TikTok France

Découvrez par vous-même

Discover it for yourself

TikTok wanted to show that even the French could learn something new on TikTok, positioning itself as the platform for knowledge people didn’t even know they were looking for.


As the lead creative team we oversaw the creation of both the paid and organic social approaches. The campaign leaned into social behaviours across IG and Pinterest to demonstrate that there’s more to TikTok than dance trends.


do you know the answer to these questions?

can we play with food?

go ‘round the world’ around the world?

discover it for yourself - TikTok

.Paid assets sparked curiosity by asking intriguing questions only TikTok could answer.

Instagram: Sport

Pinterest: Music

Pinterest: Entertainment

Instagram: Culture

.The organic assets focused on shifting perceptions by spotlighting the. .wide range of content available.


A: Have you seen the drill?
B: Why? We have no building work to do
A: It’s for playing guitar, I saw something on TikTok…


me: so… you like TikTok!
them: how can you tell?
their kitchen:


me before TikTok:*throws out clothes that don’t fit*
me now:


pro players: *play matches*

footballers on TikTok:

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