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It's Personal

Pitch win!

Part of their Make The Future platform, Shell asked us to help build trust with consumers by showing their commitment to the energy transition. We took on the challenge and were the lead creative team and brand guardians from pitch to final delivery.

To avoid greenwashing, we turned the spotlight away from Shell and onto the individuals that they work with who are passionate about turning sustainability goals into a reality. This 360° campaign comprised of 6 TVCs in the UK and another 5 films in the Netherlands (in Dutch, of course), as well as OOH, Youtube, IG, FB, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

But we didn't just finish there. Once the campaign was live, we analysed the performance across social and used our learnings to optimise our content.

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We brought the individual stories to Youtube, IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit - creating tailored content for each platform.


Shell UK

Meet Cat, the CEO of Limejump, an energy technology platform owned by Shell, that helps small generators of renewable electricity get their power into the UK grid. ☀️🌬️💡#MakeTheFuture

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Cat’s accelerating change

Renewables to the UK grid

Mfon's driving change

New Shell Recharge points


Shell UK

Mfon is literally leading the charge. He's building new electric vehicle charging points across the UK. ⚡️ 💪#MakeTheFuture

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Shell UK

Katie’s empowering customers to choose carbon neutral power for their homes. 🏠 #MakeTheFuture

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Katie’s powering homes

Carbon neutral home energy


Shell UK

Als jongetje bouwde Stefan al graag 👷. Nu bouwt hij mee aan een nieuw windpark 🌬️ op zee #MakeTheFuture

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Ontmoet ook Stefan

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Campaign Results

  • Exceeded view through benchmarks on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • 197million impressions and 23.4million views on TV

  • Improved brand trust for Shell

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