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Nature Based Solutions

Pitch win!

Shell is investing in cleaner transport technologies and nature based solutions in the Netherlands to provide consumers with cleaner ways to travel. They wanted to tell people about this in a way that disarms skepticism and avoids greenwashing allegations. 

So, we adopted an uncharacteristically honest TOV and used real imagery of the work Shell are doing to create a totally transparent campaign.

We had just begun shooting this campaign in Holland when the outbreak of

COVID-19 forced us to cut the shoot short. So, the campaign has been postponed until we can safely travel and shoot later this year.


But for now, take a look at some of the pitch work for a taster of what's to come...

Translation: Call it what you want. We're installing hundreds more EV charging points across the country.

billboard 2.png

Special Build OOH made from CO2 absorbing moss

Translation: Call it what you want. This billboard is absorbing CO2

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